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Kunkel's name written by his own hand

I have had two recent enquiries asking if I could verify Kunkel's handwriting. So here you are! The people, one from the Netherlands and one from Budapest, have books in their possession that apparently had Kunkel's writing in and they wanted confirmation. The book in Budapest is by Freud (it is published in German) and is full of handwritten notes, also in German. It was great to be able to say that it was indeed Kunkel's handwriting. I am hoping that we can get some translations done and glean insights into Freud's early influence on Kunkel, but perhaps more interestingly Kunkel's early thoughts about Freud. The book was published in 1918. Kunkel would have just come out of hospital having lost his arm on the battlefield and was studying under Freud to start his new career as a psychotherapist. This is a wonderful unexpected happening! I will share any further news about this project on this website.

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