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We Must Let Go

"This is how the cross--I mean now the Cross of Jesus, the experience of Jesus, can help us today. For whatever reason we are crucified, nailed to our own cross, because of our own sins, our own faults, or because of our parents' sins, or the sins of our particular social group-all this does not matter. The deepest reason for our suffering is that we have to let go. We have to cut loose from the moorings of the past in order to launch, like a ship is launched, on the ocean of the future. And that can be done only if the real experience of the Cross, the glorious light experience of the Cross, is there, alive in us. It shines in the darkness until suddenly the darkness is gone. Only the light is left." From The Significance of the Cross by Fritz Kunkel

Image: The Cross that Budded by Sarah Larkin

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1 commentaire

Andrew MacDonald
Andrew MacDonald
30 juin 2023

Love this, the painting and the quote. I am very much an enjoying Sarah's podcast appearance on Psychology and the Cross (youtube)

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