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Fritz Kunkel saves a life

Robert Johnson, in his autobiography Balancing Heaven and Earth, devotes a chapter to how Kunkel saves his life. It is so wonderful to read such a personal account. The advise Kunkel gives the young man was twofold:

1. Record his dreams and not seek to interprete them, but befriend them for the wisdom they may yield and to form a relationship with his dream images, and

2. Write a list of the things important to him and priotise them in order of their importance.

Johnson says that the most important thing Kunkel did for him was to explain how the mechanism of projection worked and gave him the tools to "take my own gold back".

"Mostly he acknowledged what I was, no more and no less, warts and all. When I found I could talk about anything and that he would listen unconditionally, it unleashed a torrent in me."

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