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 Kunkel quotes

From In Search of Maturity

"Anxiety may be defined as the opposite of creativity. It is the power of creation flowing in the opposite direction ...Our creative centre, the Self, is our positive relationship to God. Our Selfhood is the experience of our dependence on and our support by the Creator ...We realise creative power if we live from our real centre. Then we are channels of creation. If we lose our selfhood and our positive relation to the Creator, we are cut off from any new influx of power. And the power which is left as it were, flows back into eternity. This ebb of creative power is what we feel as anxiety." 

"We are more at the mercy of the dark powers than we know. Everyone, even the coolest and calmest moralist is their slave. And to master consciously our unconscious forces is the only way which can help us to replace our so called civilisation by real culture."


"Our true Self is the final goal of our religious development. At first it is 'I', then it becomes 'We'; and at last it will be 'He'."


"We all have to replace prejudices by wisdom, rigid patterns by free decisions and habitual reactions by creative growth. The symtoms and complaints of the client are only the stimuli which force him to go ahead. Without his suffering he could stick to his old patterns ... but thanks to our conflicts, and our suffering, we are all forced to grow up whether we like it or not." (From What do you advise? P19)

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