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Psychology of Personal Crisis 2

Updated: Mar 5, 2018

Lecture 2: We are called.

Contemplation of early experiences gives us insight into present problems. We are still hungry for certain things - the question is can we wait or not, and how we respond to the waiting. Hunger and needs are sensed in early childhood, if they are not fed or interfered with we give up (repress them). We need to acknowledge the need is not fulfilled but the call is still there and I should not stop responding.

Remain open to the calls - not grow deaf to them or amputate our responses to them (unused strings will vibrate anyway - out of tune with disuse). Having a goal is important - and keeping it alive; figure out a way to reach it - if it is easy to get what we want we don't have to stop and think.

We need to develop the ability to wait, save for tomorrow, saying no to your own desires. We need to be able to refrain from something without losing interest (no, not yet).

The first and most primitive call is I WANT.

Stop-Think-Look-Listen ...

There are two calls TO EXPLORE and TO STAY; that is to solve a problem, to have adventures, to be comfortable; the wilderness, pioneering, or HOME.

A home in the wilderness?

There is a conflict / tension with these two calls, but there is also the higher call of Christ and to rise between the opposite types, the opposite inner images.

Christ is in the wilderness and in the home.

What were your early dreams about? Home or wilderness? What do I feel called to be and to do?

Write some lists.

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1 Comment

Mar 05, 2018

A very well written piece and an excellent source and tribute to Uncle Kunkel, Sarah!

My early dreams were to be at home with my family, though now I desire to be in the wilderness. I feel called to go into the wilderness and help take the lost back home.

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