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Psychology of Personal Crisis 3

Updated: Mar 6, 2018

Lecture 3: The Breach of We.

We start as babies with the We feeling - feeling connected, part of a whole. The mother and baby are one before the emergence into self-consciousness (from the primitive We). But the mother has to leave the child and do other things causing a breach of the We. This is traumatic and leaves a scar.

It is the place of trauma that holds the promise of healing - this is the inner journey towards the hidden treasure. We are looking for something and we don't know where it is. Freud and Jung talked about trauma in terms of 'treasure theory'. We return to the trauma to find a better attitude towards it. We need to digest the negative event, assimilate it. It is about learning a lesson.

The natural primitive We is a sanctuary - what may be a symbol of that sanctuary? What might be a sanctuary for the child? That 'centre' might be a person. We lose the sanctuary (the centre) when the trauma hits. The centre is a symbol of infinite reality and power.

When the We is breached we need a coping strategy. It is here that an inferiority complex begins, and with it egocentric patterns. We are cut off from the centre - things become unconscious. I becomes conscious as I.

Relationships in the WE are forgotten - we are now all egocentric competitors. Individual consciousness emerges when the collective unconscious goes to pieces.

But being cut off from the sanctuary brings us back to the centre. We are forced to make our future (to conquer, to overcome) by the very fact of obstacles.

The centre is only found when we meet with God in solitude.

Where was safety in childhood? What or who represented a sanctuary? Can you recall or imagine the original WE before the breach? What did it feel like? Can you describe it?

Think about your parents - which side are you on - feminine or masculine? Which aspect is repressed/ are you cut off from? Why might that be? Imagine what life might be like in the forgotten domain of either masculinity or femininity.

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